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Bookworm bookmarks!

This is a nice easy craft to start off the craft badge. Or so you would think. On the whole, it worked really well and was easy for the girls to do, but not so much for the chatty table. 

It took from about 20 minutes for the quick ones to an hour for the really chatty girls to do, but they didn’t find any of it particularly difficult, although I had to do the ribbons. They had different choices of background card and they all did the stripes differently so each one was unique. 

The girls that were finished quickly played Fishes, and also the game where you sit on eachother, which for some reason, they seem to love. Overall it was a good meeting despite my paranoia that it’d be a disaster and everyone would know how incompetent a leader I am. 7/10 would do again but would factor in timings a bit better. 

Template can be obtained here: Bookworm bookmark


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