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Successful Salt Dough?????

Yes, you heard right. This salt dough was not actually too painful. For week two of the craft badge, I decided to attempt the clause ‘Make two matching items of jewellery from home-made beads or pendants.’ and my stupid brain decided that the messiest craft ever would be fab.

Fast forward two weeks, and I’m posting on the brownie support facebook group asking for advice because it is the day of salt dough and I’m scared. Having bought the salt and the flour, but forgetting the food colouring, bowls, baking paper and straws, I had to make another shopping trip (instead of revising for next week’s exams, what a shame), and then I spent the rest of the afternoon weighing out ingredients. I gave each group of four two bowls with 200g SR flour and 100g salt in each. once they’d got the bags open and mixed the powders, I added the water to prevent any disasters and also the food colouring (saves having to paint them if they’re pre-coloured.)

Pro-tip here: use liquid food colouring here not the gel tube things, it doesn’t stretch as far and the colours are a lot less bright.

They then shaped the dough into beads, and after being bored of making beads, many just made random shapes. at 7.35 after telling them to pack up for about 20 minutes and them making ‘just one more bead’, we finally got to brownie bells and once they’d gone the sweeping began. I would definitely recommend keeping it as far away from carpet as possible, but eventually we got there. The beads are now air drying on my desk because I’m too tired to cook them, but I can’t complain at all seeing as the evening went a lot better than I expected.

Photo 10-05-2017, 20 01 27

If you decide to try salt dough, then I have some advice. Measure out quantities beforehand because it takes too long, DON’T use gel food colour, definitely DON’T use poster paint to colour the dough (I experimented before brownies, the colour was rubbish and the dough too liquidy), and have a hand washing bowl in the hall, bonus points if there is a towel as well so they can dry their hands. (Yes I forgot all about this.) Also make sure you have some way of transporting them home, a baking tray or ten is ideal for this purpose.

Overall, mess factor was lower than expected, stress was lower than expected and I think the girls really liked it! I’m still undecided on if I will cook it or not, but I’ll see how it goes over the next day or so.


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