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Salt Dough Part II

After a week of air drying the Salt Dough in my student bedroom, resulting in zero space for me and limited drying due to the position of my window, I put some in the oven on Tuesday night when I realised they wouldn’t be done in time. THIS WAS A DREADFUL IDEA. Idiot owl (what I should actually be called) used SR flour and forgot that the wet bits of the beads would rise but the dry bits wouldn’t, causing a very strange shape and colour. Even better, some of the holes sealed over.

Nevertheless, I powered on and after several “I can’t do it”s and a very frustrated leader later, we had a vague approximation of bracelets and necklaces. All that was left to do then was to try to clear up and get them sat down ready for a miracle – achieving a craft in half an hour.

Now, this week I had great plans. Luckily (in hindsight with regards to fitting everything into a meeting, not at the time), I had an absolutely hideous exam on Monday, so decided to do my time consuming prep work next week to maximise revision time and came up with a quick solution, sun catchers. My inspiration for this filled me with hope, and I thought about making a simple version that took half of the effort. I whipped up a prototype in five minutes, which definitely looks like a prototype, but it was good enough to give the girls an idea of what to do. In my defence, I had lost my glue and tape so had to use washi tape, and literally threw the paper on in any random pattern. Its exam season, okay?

Photo 17-05-2017, 20 53 37

So. After telling the girls to draw a shape on folded in half black card with a smaller shape inside it, I then got them to cut it out. Letter openers are the best way to stab a hole in the middle bit so they can cut it out. I was given one by my old Owlet after finding they were a great way to punch holes in yogurt pots, card, anything, and it was the first item in my guiding arsenal.

When half of them had successfully made 2 outlines, I let them loose with the tissue paper and tried to fix the others. Eventually (after telling them to hurry up, there’s only 5 mins left, shut up, if you don’t finish this you wont get your badge, shush, get a move on, please listen), we glued the second black outline on to the first, sandwiching the tissue paper between them and added a handle out of tissue paper. At 25 to 8 we finished Brownie Bells and they all left, only 5 minutes late.

Overall verdict: It’s my fault that the salt dough was such a time consuming disaster because I well and truly ruined it, but the girls did a great job considering, I just wish they would have more confidence and not say they can’t do it before they even start. The sun catchers only took half an hour which is amazing and I’m very happy with how well it went. They are definitely a good filler craft and are very cheap and easy to do, but the girls liked it and were happy with how they turned out.


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