A month late (I’ve been on holiday and working full time since it happened, and have spent my afternoon off doing guiding), I am writing this post about Girlguiding Staffordshire’s Centenary event – Sparkle.


The day was absolutely brilliant, if not a bit chaotic with 4000+ members of gg staffs! Luckily the weather at County Showground was amazing and we had a slightly too hot, sunny day. The first zone our girls went to was the funhouse zone, which was full of funfair style rides, activities and also a petting zoo. We got incredibly cool temporary tattoos, met some owls, and the girls loved the rides!

Photo 04-08-2017, 19 49 45

The next zone was the mega zone, where I got friction burn from a having an inflatable obstacle course race, and the girls enjoyed activities such as the climbing wall, helter skelter and inflatables. After that, we moved to the glitter zone, where most of the girls spent their time in the headphone disco, or learning circus skills. This zone was much quieter as it was late in the day, and we then went to the parade and finale.

Photo 09-07-2017, 12 56 11.jpg

Divided into our divisions, and with our special t-shirts on – each division had a different colour and we had to decorate them in meetings, we entered the showground where there was the likes of the Disney princesses, an Olly Murs tribute and a Robbie Williams tribute, all performing for the girls to celebrate the centenary of Guiding in our county. When the celebrations came to a close, some very tired brownies all got back on the coach and we had a quiet trip back up to Stoke!

My top to represent Newcastle division

It was a fab day, thank you so much to Girlguiding Staffordshire for making it happen, everyone I talked to had a fab day and it was lovely to see everyone in county and how many people are part of our giant family! ♥ ♥ ♥



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