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The Chair Game

This is one of Barn Owl’s, and the girls now ask for it EVERY week. Madness!

Everyone sits on a chair in a circle, then everyone moves their chair two steps back, because no one needs to be that close. The game in itself is very simple. If the leader says a statement that applies to you, you move one seat to the right. If it doesn’t apply, stay where you are, and potentially have another girl on your lap.

Eg: ‘Move if you walked to school this morning’. Girl 1 walked but Girl 2 drove, so Girl 1 would move one seat right and sit on Girl 2’s lap.

When a statement applies to you, you have to move, if you have no one on you, five people on you, or are mid pile. Everyone that is sat above you also has to move when you move, people below you stay where they are unless it applies to them too. Therefore, girl A, B, C, D may all be sat on each other, and when girl C moves, girl A and B must too. Simple!

Some ideas for calling:

  • If you have a ponytail
  • If you have a dog
  • If you had toast for breakfast
  • If you’re on a green chair
  • If you have a brother
  • If you went on holiday over Easter
  • If you’re 8
  • If you have white socks on
  • The list goes on, be as creative as possible! If you want everyone to move, just say ‘If you love Brownies!’
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This is a fun game for a group of girls of any size. I learnt it today so I’m sorry if the rules are a bit dodgy! It can be adapted to any theme e.g. chocolate, animals, food etc. 

Girls sit on chairs in a circle, facing outwards, and are named after fish, e.g. Cod, salmon, plaice, cod, salmon, plaice etc. When their fish is called, they have to run around the circle, until ‘stormy seas’ is shouted, at which point they return to their seat. Removal of chairs enables girls to get ‘out’ and hence to have a winner. 

Fun other things to shout: 

  • All the fish – everyone runs
  • Whirlwind – girls have to spin around the circle
  • Tides turning – change directions